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The owner and founder of Hilke Collection, Giovanna Hilke - has allways dreamed of helping others. Forza means "strength" in Italian and will, empower the person wearing it.

The designer Giovanna Hilke designed this Collection to be able to contribute something more than just a beautiful product. The jewelry that is both stylish and beautiful, will give love and strength. The Collection is designed primarily to help others. 10% of the profits will be donated to a charity.

This year it goes to the fond "Childhood Diabetes" that it should receive more attention. 2017 is the year when Hilke Collection begins the journey to help other people. Maybe you want to give a bracelet to your daughter that will go out school, the sister that will be married, someone who lost someone or to yourself to give yourself power.

Forza means strength, and we have decided to help and give power to the people!

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