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Om Hilke Collection.


Hilke Collection is a Swedish interior design company with international reach. The company was first established in 2015 by Giovanna Hilke, a Mechanical Engineer with a passion for design and a sure instinct for trends and customer demands. Hilke Collection products are of classic, luxurious and modern design and are today sold in some of the most eminent interior shops in Sweden and internationally.

In 2018 Giovanna met Julia Zernell from Julia & Julia Paperworks, a pioneering fashion- and interior designer producing high end greeting cards and card displays. The two brands were an undeniable match and the owners merged the two companies to build on a new journey together.

With this merge, Hilke Collection is taking a big step towards becoming a full lifestyle brand, with a new designstudio for future projects within interior design. The foundation rests on strong values; to make designs with the highest quality to last a lifetime, produced with environmentally conscious approach.

2020 is a promising year for Hilke Collection with new products and collaborative projects and we are very excited to share our journey.


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