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Brass and Nickel-plated Brass:

Use our brass plating (red) or plaster for nickel-plated products (blue) to maintain the product's finish. This should be done on the viewing sex at regular intervals to avoid stains, which may result in worse sales. Always take minimal plaster on a toilet paper / clean dry fiber cloth and rub on exposed places, then finish with fiber cloth to get an extra shine. If it is deeper stains then it may be required 2 times.


The silver jewelery can be put in a silver bath, the brass is used above plaster.


Note that the plaster is harmful to marble, so be careful when polishing the handles on the washers or sides of the glass bases (marble / brass). Marble is a living material and is porous, which means that it should not come into contact with liquid or food (such as cheese, acid-based products, etc.). Recommend customers to use the assists on the trays.


The lights do not flow and do not smoke. On the other hand, if the lights are too close to each other or in motion, they can flow, as they are affected by “wind” and external heat influence.


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