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Hilke Collection is a young interior company that sells products for the set table. The company's product portfolio includes vases, candles, trays, candlesticks, porcelain and jewelrys. Hilke is a Swedish brand that offers interior design products and jewelrys in a classic, feminine and stylish design with a modernist twist. Hilke Collection's founder, Giovanna Hilke, started the brand in 2015 in Linköping, and over time, a solid collection of interior design products and jewelrys has expanded, which today is sold in the most prominent interior design stores in Sweden and beyond. The vision behind the brand is to create timeless and beautiful design for modern and elegant homes, created with love and responsible production.

Giovanna Hilke


Angelique Lundqvist

 Back Office Manager

Celestins Agency

Interior Design International Sales



Kenny Jonson 


Mollie Tuti

Camilla Runberg
Sales Consultant Sweden
Daniel Johnsson
Investor & Mentor

Our Design Signature

The Hilke Collection combines the pure with the luxurious, the modern with the classic and the austere with the feminine. Finding the balance in each product is what we call 'Hilke Collection's design signature' and the inspiration behind our design is drawn both from the Italian expression and from the Scandinavian. Hilke Collection has one foot in Italy and one in Sweden and we find inspiration from art, fashion and sustainability in a solid and stylish interior design.

Environment & Sustainability

Our Interior:

Hilke Collection works with high-quality materials to promote sustainable consumption. We stand for creating products with a long-term perspective.
Our Jewelry: 

In order to minimize humans negative impact on the environment, we constantly work to contribute to a more sustainable development. Therefore, we have chosen Recycled (925 sterling) silver and recycled 18K gold plating. Our boxes are FSC® certified / FSC Mix 70% FSC® and we try to minimize the number of boxes per order (if you order more jewelry, it may happen that they will pack it in the same box.
Hilke Collection follows SWEDAC's rules for labeling and control .

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