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With the right care, your products from the Hilke Collection will last for many generations. 

To maintain the solid feel, our brass is manufactured directly in our factory without any surface treatment. Hilke Collection's brass products need to be polished regularly to maintain the high-gloss surface. You don't need to polish our products in nickel-plated brass as often, but even those products need their entertainment.

What affects brass are external factors, such as fingerprints, water, etc. and is turning yellow over time. This goes away easily with our polish treatment.
You don't need to polish our products if you don't want the glossy look.

Recommendation: Use a fiber cloth or cotton glove when moving the products around your home if you want to minimize the risk of fingerprints. This also applies when you polish your products.

How to use our polish: Apply a little polish to the surface and process with a non-woven cloth or soft paper, then polish to a high gloss with a cloth. This treatment will also be easier to maintain the item in the future.

If you got the candle-grease on the candlestick:
Boil water and set aside. Dip the candlestick in the water until the candle-grease melts (note, the candlestick gets hot - wear gloves). Then wipe off the excess stearin with a clean cloth or paper towel. When you have dried the candlestick so that all the water is gone, polish the candlestick with glanol. May need to be repeated a couple of times with the polish.


Take care of Hilke Collection mansion candles properly to keep them beautiful and the home safe. Our Swedish hand-cast mansion candles are made of the best quality and have a fantastic shine. The candles are only surface-dipped in color and not dyed through, which is the best for both the environment and the candle's burning properties.

- To avoid a high flame and trim the wick to a length of approx. 7 mm each time before lighting the candle. 
- Do not leave the light in sunlight or in a drafty place (e.g. window/near a fan)
- Do not leave the candle near another candle. There is a risk that heat will develop and the wax may start to flow.
- Feel free to use a candle extinguisher when turning off the light. Blowing directly on the candle can cause that hot wax run down the sides of the candlestick.
- Never leave a room where candles are burning! Store new candles in a cool, dark place.
- If the candle cannot be lit again, varnish has got on the wick. Then peel some of the candle to produce a new wick.


Our trays/coasters:
- Place a plate on the tray before serving food/coffee to minimize stains.
- Never use lemon based cleaners or acidic agents as acids can corrode and destroy the stone.
- Wine, vinegar, vinegar and even carbonic acid can damage the surface. If you spill; wipe off immediately.
- For more difficult stains, you can dip a towel in lukewarm soapy water and rub gently.
- Grease or oil stains must be removed as soon as possible to prevent the grease from penetrating the stone. Dry the stain with paper and wash with solvent - for example white spirit, thinner or acetone - then absorb with paper.

Our Vase:
The vase is treated to better withstand liquid and is beautiful with both dried and fresh flowers. Each vase is made of natural stone and is a natural and unique product, for this reason you can find small holes, cracks or natural gilding, details that will remind you that the pieces are born from the earth, testimony that they are 100 % natural. Carrara marble is porous so you must be careful not to leave liquids such as wine, lemon, vinegar, oil, fruit juices, alcohol on marble items for a long time, otherwise the natural stone may be damaged.

To keep the product clean, only use neutral detergents and warm water. The product should never be rubbed with steel wool or stiff sponges. After thoroughly washing the product, you need to dry it with a cotton cloth, if the color changes (a little darker), it is normal. This will in time dry and the stone will turn white again. During washing, you dry it naturally by evaporation, but the product returns to its original color in a short time.


Our Porcelain products are hand painted, which means that it may differ slightly from cup to cup in both shape, print and gold. Wash the porcelain with a  dish brush or sponge. We recommend not washing our porcelain in the dishwasher. Do not tolerate microwave!


All our jewelery is made from recycled silver & gold and is delivered in FSC certified beautiful jewelery boxes. The silver is rhodium treated to minimize the risk of oxidation and the gold has a plating of an "anti tarnish" treatment to ensure that the plating has a long life. 


Take good care of your jewelry to keep it beautiful and shiny.

In order to minimize humans negative impact on the environment, we constantly work to contribute to a more sustainable development. Therefore, we have chosen Recycled (925 sterling) silver and recycled 18K gold plating. Our boxes are FSC®-certified / FSC Mix 70% FSC® and we try to minimize the number of boxes per order (if you ordered more jewelry, it may happen that they are packed in the same box. Hilke Collection follows SWEDAC's rules for labeling and control and our name stamp is GHI.)

Sterling silver (925)
All our jewelry is made from recycled 925 sterling silver with rhodium treatment. Rhodium hardens the surface and makes the jewelry more durable, shinier and prevents the jewelry from oxidize. Jewelry with a plating should be treated with care and the plating can wear down over time. We therefore do not recommend (despite our rhodium treatment) to use the jewelry when sleeping, showering, bathing or exercising. In this way, you extend the life of the jewelry.

18K Gold plating
To ensure a long-lasting plating, our gold jewelery is plated with extensive gold plating in 18 carat. We always use rhodium treated recycled sterling (925) silver as the base of our jewelry.

Freshwater pearls:
In order for freshwater pearls to stay beautiful for a long time, you should remember not to store them in airtight containers or in contact with cotton, as this draws out the moisture that is in the pearls. If you rarely use your freshwater pearls, you can moisten them occasionally to prevent drying out.

If you need to clean the jewelry's with gems, you can clean it with a soft brush, like a regular toothbrush, and a little warm water. Then wipe off any remaining liquid with a dry cloth. To avoid scratches, we recommend that you store onyx jewelry separately from other jewelry. Scratches on an Onyx stone are permanent. If the onyx jewelry is defended together with jewelry that contains precious stones in harder materials such as diamond and ruby, you risk scratching both the stone and the jewelry.



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