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HILKECOLLECTION- Glanol Metal polish

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Product Description:
Suitable plaster for nickelplated brass. Use with a soft, clean cloth. 
Do not use with water.


Glanol metal polish provides high-quality intensive cleaning and 
long-term protection while being very gentle on the surface. 
A polish for many applications, which is also easy to work with and gives
an excellent result on the most neglected object. The special formula 
generates a waterproof membrane that provides long-lasting protection 
against dirt, rust and corrosion. The surface protection retains the 
gloss longer and facilitates future polishing.

Mirror polished all glossy metals, such as gold, silver, bronze, brass,
copper, tin, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, ore etc.

Glanol metal polish is gentle on the surface and does not cause scratches.
It also has a cleaning effect on painted and varnished surfaces. 
Enough for a long time and therefore very economical.
Leaves no white deposits around fittings and the like. Does not drain or
drip which is otherwise usual. Also does not dry in the packaging.

Contains 100 ml.

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