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Hilke Collection

Necklace Glam Verde, Gilded

Nero means black in Italian.

Article no.: NKS015769GG
EAN: 7350002763537
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  • Specification
    Item number NKS015769GR
    Material Recycled Silver 925, Plated with 18K gold (75% pure gold)
    Care Instructions
  • Description

    Nero means black in Italian. The design is inspired by the big we see but the little we know. To see a small rock in a big world, to understand that anything is possible. Glam Nero will give you the strength to do what you want with your life. It is said that the stone Black Onyx that gilds this piece of jewelry gives strength and power and has a healing power.

    Size: 41-48,5cm

    Material: Recycled Sterling Silver

    Stone: Black Onyx

    Information: To keep a long-lasting plating, our gold jewelery is plated with an extensive 18K gold plated (75% pure gold). We always use rhodium treated recycled sterling (925) silver in the base of our jewelry. The boxes = FSC certified (ECO). Hilke Collection follows SWEDAC's rules for marking and control and our name stamp is GHI.

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